5 smart moves for a more productive day for champions

Goodmorning Sunshine,are you happy to be alive today? Of course you are!
How was your night? Short? I can totally relate.
Mondays are usually a drag especially if like me you are still wondering how the weekend went by so fast its almost as though you close your eyes and open them and bam! Its Monday
Often times I wake up and ask myself why am I not the CEO of a billion dollar company so I can take a holiday or stay in bed whenever I wanted.
Other times I just pray to win a billion dollar Lottery so I can be my own boss( you do too... dnt lie) until my "every30mins" alarm rings and jolts me back to reality meaning I have to be up and about because......well, bills have to be paid.How do i still manage to make the best of my day despite these? simple!

1.Morning prayer
FirstGone are those days when I woukd give the excuse that there was no time, but I have time to have my bath right? Its always better when you commit your day in God's hands and ask for grace to sustain you. I always feel better and more confident after this

2.plan your day
I expect that you have a rough sketch of what your day should look like. What you plan to achieve for that day but its always better and more realistic when you have this written down say in your organiser or a piece of paper you are sure not to loose
With the time you want each task done written down too ,so there is no stone left unturned

3.A light exercise
This will warm you up and the endogenous morphines released in the course of this make you happier and ready to conquer. And of course keeps you fit. It takes only 5-10mins for this

4.A light breakfast
Ever since people started fainting at work due to hypoglycaemia, it has become a necessity for me to have breakfast before dashing out.How can you be productive or concentrate when your brain is starved of glucose. Even when you are working to loose weight,studies have shown that skipping breakfast only makes it worse. Even if you are quarrelling with any form of carbs, you can opt for healthy glass of smoothies like Here

5.Ready to go
Have your bath,get dressed put your things together,grab your bag or suitcase as the case may be and go be great.

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