So he cheated!...Now what???

Anyone who has been cheated on knows that it's not an easy situation to come out of without feeling broken within.
So he cheated,it's not just a suspicion anymore you have hard cold proof .your heart is pounding, the tears can't be stopped where do you go from here?

1. Its not your fault
First and foremost understand that you are not to be blamed. Many atimes women find themselves in positions like this, as if society does not blame us enough for
this,we put the blame on ourselves,

"Maybe it's my fault, I didn't give him attention, I put on too much weight, am not as pretty as I was when we first met" 

liessssss! Honey it's not your fault it was a decision he made either  because he wanted to or  wasn't disciplined, whatever be the reason, it had nothing to do with you.

2.take a break from him
Contrary to popular belief that this will drive him further away. You need this break to process what has happened, decide if the relationship is worth saving,if you can forgive and trust him again and basically recoup and take decis ions on what to do.

  • 3.keep your private life PRIVATE!
don't talk to everyone about it especially if you will still take him back you don't have to go through this alone but you don't have to scream your pain from the roof top. Because the moment you label him a "cheat" that's all your friends and family will see even after you have both worked through it.
Also keep your problems with your partner away from social media it only makes matters worse.

4.Talk about it
Its not ok to end the relationship without having a "sit down "and hearing him out. Even when you are done with the relationship/marriage as the case may be,you still need closure.
But just before you pull the plug on that,take a deep breath and reconsider.
slip ups happen but if it's a one time thing and he is truly truly sorry about it I advice you strongly to give it a second chance. Talk about your feelings, ask questions, find out why he did what he did,Get to the root of the problem. Communication is always key. Don't be quick to end it all make sure you have tried to fix what is broken before giving up.

5.forgive and let go
Slip ups happen but the good news is that when they truly are slip ups they are survivable.
Chances are after you both have worked through it you will come away with a much deeper understanding of each other  that will strengthen your love and bring you two closer.

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