Life lately #EP4: Let me explain

Hey darlings,
It's funny how you count down to the weekend and how you can't wait for the close of work on friday to unwind but when you have that you don't seem to know just what to do with it ( story of my life)

So I have been  in bed all day planning and strategising (I find myself doing a lot of that lately)
 You see ,am presently working in a village far from civilization ok that was harsh but there is nothing fun around here.
Fun is about 45 minute from here. Each time I plan to go out something always seems to come up phewww!!!

So I heard about nike resort and been meaning to visit for sometime I will do a review as long as I do.
Meanwhile something big is coming to the blog really soon and you wouldn't want to be left out at all.
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Shout out to all my wonderful readers both far and near ,you guys are the real MVP the response whenever I put out a new post is incredible you give me strength and courage not to relent and I can't thank you enough.
Joggling work and blogging is not easy but you make it worthwhile for me please feel free to share my posts, comment, leave suggestions I love to read them .
Have a blessed week dearie



  1. Keep up the good work Sweetie����

  2. I am guessing you are in Enugu, (could it be somewhere in Emene?)