Ladies get in here, you don want to miss out on this .
 You know howwe go on and on about how men are the worst and wonder what they really want?phew! !!!turns out what they want is simpler and more surprising than you'll
ever imagine.
It's not all about how beautiful or brilliant you are if you ain't abiding by these rules you have yourself to blame
Ok let's cut to the chase and dive right into it
1. Appreciate and respect him
Men are starved for appreciation and have an enormous need to feel respected. They won't readily admit this because of course in Beyoncé's voice" he's got a big ego the size of mount everest."
Show him that he is important to you.
Don't always focus on what he did wrong remember  the little times he has been good. Say thank you when he holds the door for you and when he goes out of his way to make you happy.
Respecting him means you don't throw insulting words at him,belittle him or talk back at him in a way that makes him feel less of a manit also means  giving him space when it's necessary.

2.Good food
There is an african  adage that says the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Some pople say good sex is the fastest, well I still hold on to the original version so let's stick to that shall we?
Good Food solves about 60% of a man's problem.
You can't keep a man if you can't cook a decent meal. He might put up with that for a while but for how long?
If for any reason you are handicapped in this department don't fret the Internet has made that easy you can get recipe for almost any meal online and practice.

3. Good personal and environmental  hygiene
Even the dirtiest and most untidy one of them want a neat and well organised woman. Besides a woman who can't wash up and groom herself properly is an absolute turn off No decent man wants to come home after stressful day at work to an untidy home and wife.

3.A lady in the street,a wore in bed
Yeah right ! this is 110% fact even the most religious guy thinks this way.Men are very visual beings they get bored easily as well   He wants a woman who is graceful, confident,courteous and  decent that he can take out and introduce to the world, who would be by his side when he achieves great things and can also be a tease and spice things up in the bedroom. In summary he wants  a Michelle Obama in the public and a kim,amber rose or nikky minaj behind closed doors. Can you do that?

Ditch the ugly  grannies panties for something more appealing to the eyes, learn to tease. I recommend you start taking twerk lessons unless you want to keep complaining about how you can't keep a man you make your choice.
Now that valentine's day is around the corner leave your comfort zone and try something more intriguing.

5.A friend
Give him a listening ears without nagging all the time or judging him. Don't always be at the receiving end pay attention to him.little things matter. like getting him a lip balm if his lips are always dry, calling to know how his day was, show genuine interest  in the things that matter to him. Be his fan.

6. A woman who prays
Thi is true and self explanatory. Not necessarily over the top spiritual but a woman who has a personal relationship

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