What every nigerian medical student must experience in medical school

Hey guys, thank God its friday.
So i stumbled on this online and i couldnt help but share with you all.
I agree with quite a number of them especially numbers 1 , 6,14 and of course number 7.......thank God humans cant read each other's mind. Lol!!
1. You'll study like madness! More than you ever did in your life.
2. No matter how intelligent you are; you may likely not be among the top students in your class. 
3. In your 1st/2nd year, you think you own the world cos you got admission to study medicine. But the delusion will leave you alone...soon.
4. Several of your classmates will have sex with each other. You may be among them.
5. Once or twice, you'll think that medicine isn't your thing. 
6. Your social life will definitely slag. Less flexing, more studying! 
7. There'll be at least one lecturer/senior doctor you'd want to beat the hell out of!
8. Someone in your class will fail out of medical school. 
9. A Student in your class will have sex with a senior doctor.
10. At a time you'll be confused about the specialty to venture into. 
11. Ward nurses will treat you like crap.
12. You'll be humiliated publically (even infront of patients) by your senior doctors and consultants. 
13. Your room might go uncleaned for weeks or even months, especially during MBBS exams.
14. You'll be competing with the best. Everyone in your class is damn smart.
15. You'll realise that medicine doesn't give enough money as thought, considering the time put in.
16. Someone from your class will be the KING OF READING; always studying and going for night classes.
17. There's always a guy who acts so unserious but always blow high scores in exams. Sometimes higher than yours.
18. Your family members will start asking you for medical advices even in your first week in med school. 
19. Many of your non-doctor friends that are blessed will be well off before you start making poo money from medicine (mostly after your residency).
20. You'll not attend most classes as they are waste of time. 
21. You'll realise that hospitals smell bad.
22. And that vaginal deliveries are messy.
23. Funny as it sounds, if you pass all your exams, you'll become a Doctor.
24. Upon graduation, you will be proud of yourself.
25. Try and study harder. Medicine is a nice course and proffession.


  1. Almost all are true.
    Especially 5!!

  2. Yea it happens to about 99.9% of us. But somehow we make it work.
    Thanks Tamie hope to read more of your comments.

  3. Most of these are sooo true.18!

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