LIFE LATELY#EP2: I have a question.

Throw back Thursday for me on this day means throw back my stethoscope and enjoy a work free day on my bed watching devious maids and sipping on my "kunu zaki".
Apparently my senior colleagues embarked on a warning strike that started today,this is the first strike am experiencing in this profession.
We had to discharge our stable patients ASAP!
I sincerely hope the request of NARD is sorted out,the strike called off and all things go back to normal.
Meanwhile  can I bare my soul to you?
I think the word " sorry" is grossly overrated. Why do some people do the worst and expect you to wipe it out of your memory instantly just because they threw a careless sorry at you? Well let's just say they don't know better.
On a serious note, Someone once asked me what i hate most about medicine.               The worst part about medicine is when you have to manage patients with terminal illness its the worst feeling in the world. You literally watch them waste away right before your eyes you want to do everything you can to help but there isn't much you can wake up each day hoping to see them.and when they pass on their faces stick in your mind you remember the conversations you had with them, the jokes you shared with them and all the questions they asked you. Its never easy handling terminal cases believe me its extremely emotional.
Everyday you wake up and are alive you need to thank God because a lot of people whose lives are hanging by a thread will do anything to be in your shoes. How has life been with you lately?care you share?

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