Hepatitis and the liver

Viral hepatitis is the commonest cause of liver cancer in our environment and as such more emphasis should be placed on the prevention, early detection and treatment of hepatitis.

What is hepatitis?

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver it can be self limiting or progress to fibrosis (scaring), liver cirrhosis or liver cancer
Some of the symptoms of acute hepatitis  include:
-Abdominal discomfort
-Nausea and vomiting
-Yellow mess of the eyes
-Passage of pale stool
-Passage of dark coloured urine

What causes  hepatitis?

Hepatitis viruses are the most common causes of hepatitis. Other causes include toxic agents like alcohol some medications and autoimmune diseases.

How is it transmitted?

Hepatitis A and E viruses are usually transmitted via ingestion of contaminated food or water,usually mild and most often self limiting. Vaccines are also available for its prevention.
Hepatitis B and C are transmitted  via

-Exposure to infected blood and body fluids
-Sexual intercourse
- sharing sharp objects with an infected person,
-Blood transfusion
-Mother to child transmission during child birth.

Why get tested?

1. You can have the disease even though you feel fine and have no symptom
2.To avoid spreading to your family and friends
4. Early detection and treatment can suppress  the virus in the case of hepatitis B or even wipe out the virus in the case if hepatitis C. Meaning that the individual can live a normal life thereafter.
5. To protect the liver as early testament can prevent liver cancer or liver failure
 To protect your liver

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Have you been tested?

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