Much ado about "Winter in Nigeria"

 Hey guys!Hammattan season always  takes some getting used to every time it arrives,even though it shows up around  the same time every year.
One moment you are battling  with the sweltering heat that is prevalent in the rainy season and the next minute boom!..... The haze appears and the ambient temperature drops and dear harmattan is all up in our faces.
I woke up this morning contemplating if i must go to work today "do i really need this job?" " What if i just stay in bed all day?" In my defence it was extremeky chilly and i was ob night duty the night before hence i didnt get much skeep.
Unfortunately bills have to be paid and lying in bed won't help that.
I had to drag myself to the bathroom and finally had my bath after standing there for clost to 20 minutes staring at my bucket of "ice cold" water wondering who i have offended.
To help you better prepare and be equipped for "African winter" here are 5 very important tips you need to know to prepare for it.
1.take care if your skin
 Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!.... The place of this cannot be overemphasized. This is the best time to check for who has a beautiful skin or not. Because of the harsh effect of harmattan on the skin,its necessary to take lots of water to keep the skin supple and avoid looking like a ghost

 2.keep your lips moisturized
This is one of those tines when a guy can get away with having lots of lip gloss on.the season has a great affinity for tearing up the lips so to prevent this you should moisturize with lipgloss if you are not into the "shiny look" you can opt for lip balm or good old Vaseline.

 3.Thick clothing
 This is not the time for light clothing at all its usually really chilly in the morning although sometimes when the sun comes out the weather looks confused. If you are one of those who leave for work very early in the morning or you work in a place with no heater you might want to get a thick jacket ,warmers and thick clothing underneath because the cold is not smiling. And while you are at it make sure it's something stylish because you might be in it longer than you expect.

4.Tend to your hair
 This season can cause hair to dry up, become stringent and brittle and ultimately lead to hair loss. To prevent this moisturise and oil your hair often especially for those rocking their natural hair but don't overdo it as it can attract dust to your hair.

5. There is need to take more preventive measures during harmattan. Limit exposure to dust,get a nose mask or cover your nose with scarf if need be. Wash your curtains,clean objects in your home and office with wet napkins,eat healthy meals and lots of fruits and vegetables to help your body fight infections  prevalent in this season like common cold.

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  1. Harmattan!!! With the dust and cold!! Thanks for the helpful advice!!