LIFE LATELY:#Ep1:My experience with " one chance" in Enugu

So yesterday I  wanted to go withdraw some money from the bank because I have not gotten my ATM and my bank is about 45minutes drive from where I stay (strange right) and didn't want to be cashless over the weekend.
I didn't want to take a bus in the park because I was in a hurry to get to the bank before closing hour,so I decided to pick one along the road since its faster ( little did I know)
I stood under the scorching sun for almost 30 minute with no taxi in sight. Just as I was beginning to think of a plan B a taxi pulled up beside me
"Gariki! Gariki!"
"Yes enter,hope you have change"

To be honest I was skeptical at first but a guy who was also waiting for a vehicle got in and when I saw a lady at the backside I relaxed and got in.
The driver asked me to sit infront with another guy even though there were just 2 people at the back. I didn't think about why he would say that I just got in and we drove off.
A short while after the taxi drove off I started feeling uncomfortable,my spirit was not at rest I did the sign of the cross and started praying in my mind hoping I was not in the midst of kidnappers or ritualists.
The next thing  the driver started complaining about the front being too tight I adjusted and when he asked the guy to do the same he refused

"I have paid you so you can't ask me to shift"

They started arguing then the driver slowed down in an attempt to stop the vehicle insisting that one person should go to the back
  I waded in and ask him to be patient till we get to the junction.
I was more scared than angry because we were at a very lonely and dangerous place with just bushes around.
He continued,still grumbling about how the guy was sitting on  his gearbox.
He finally stopped some distance before the junction.
From where he stopped we could see there was "hold up" and road safety officials and police men were there.
 He asked me to go behind I got down with my bag but when I tried to open the  back door it was locked, expecting the driver to help he just drove off leaving me standing there and wondering what just happened.

I know real taxi drivers don't joke with their money, they would come down and open the door so long as they gets their money or ask for part of the money since I had gone halfway.
I didn't know what to make of it, i just walked to the junction and took a bus going my way.
 I told a friend about it and he laughed and said thank God for your life you just escaped " one chance people"
He asked if my money and phone was intact and I confirmed it
According to him the idea was when I stepped out to go to the back they will drag my bag from me and zoom off but seeing that there was holdup and security officers present at the junction they couldn't perpetrate their evil plan
Please be very watchful of things like this so you don't fall prey to these wicked people. still thanking God for my life and for delivering me.
This is aweekly series I intend to maintain, I will share things that I experience and my thoughts over the weekend
 Phewwww!!!!!...... I can't believe how fast the time is flying.

Have you encountered "one chance "?
Feel free to share in the comment box.

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  1. Nah. I haven't encountered them before oh.thank God for your life.

  2. It was really weird for the driver to just drive of like that without his money. So I'm sure they were one chance like your friend said.
    Thank God you post nothing and we're not hurt.

    I've had an experience myself. In benin city. Got into a cab and they started these talks of having foreign money in the trunk of the car, how they want to change it and bla bla bla. I just hissed and told them to drop me asap. Driver tried talking me into it when he say I wasn't budging, he stopped by the road, I dropped and he zoomed of without collecting his money too.

  3. Lol! Funny enough I had similar experience about 2 years ago in benin too.thank God it wasn't more than that.