A shy guy's guide to talking to ladies

Top of the morning to my darlings on here. Those still in bed,preparing to go to work and already at work. I hope you had a peaceful night rest.
Some people have complained that I write for the ladies only and the guys are being left out.
Am sorry if it looks that way,I will try as much as possible to fix that. So here is one for the guys.
So you are having problems chatting her up,you immediately become anxious and tongue tied when you approach her.
You are not alone,it happens to alot of people but it can be fixed with the right information and practice.
Here are some tips to help you
1. Take a few minute to observe her mood before going over,you don't want to approach her when she is in a bad mood unless you don't mind the embarrassment. Is she busy or in a hurry so you plan what to say and how to say it. Also is she alone or with friends if its the later you might want to stay put untill you can get her alone reason is you have a higher chance of being snobbed just so her friends won't say she is "easy".
2.put some work into how you look and smell this will boost your confidence women love a confident man and it will make her more receptive to you.
You don't have to rob a bank to achieve this wear clean clothes, your boxers shouldn't be worn more than twice,socks should be worn once and washed.
Be sure to brush and bath properly  nothing irks a lady like bad mouth or body odour.
3.introduce yourself confidently without being boastful. So many guys are guilty of this. While this will  impress some ladies it won't impress a real woman.its corny and childish.
4.compliment her but not on something very obvious or something she expects. A lot of people must have told her how beautiful she is. Set yourself apart. Compliment her on something she does not expect but will appreciate like her hairstyle,something she made herself e.g bracelet.
5 listen,listen,listen, some guys just like the sound of their own voice they talk and talk that the whole time the lady is just quiet watching them.Its a conversation not a monologue. Let her do most of the talking,listen attentively and nod to show that you are following and ask questions.
6.if you are at a lose on what to say and you can't find anything happening around you to talk about don't panic. Just ask about her hobbies,favourite things,her passion or about her job and follow it up.let it flow.
7.Have fun with the conversation, don't bore her and avoid moments of awkward silence.
8.practice makes perfect.Practice talking to as many ladies as you can,you can start with your female friends to boost your confidence.
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