My housemanship hustle

Good afternoon to all the special people reading this piece, how are you doing?am in a good mood today because God has finally answered my don't  understand? Keep reading.

flash back to November 2015 I was a very hopeful medical student writing my final exams and dreaming of how free I was going to be after med school,finally catch up on all those trending seasonal movies and sleep like a baby and how I was finally going to earn a living with my 7 years medical training,I was excited,I put in my very best,sleepless nights reading marathon,name it.

Fast forward to march 2016 I got inducted,I finally had the license to practice medicine in Nigeria and form effizzy. I can remember looking at the license and saying to myself so I went through this 7 years of stress for just two sheets of paper? I guarded it jealously because that was my labour, my proove and my consolation for all the mosquito bites I endured doing all night reading in class.I was basking in the euphoria,of course reality had not hit yet.

 Fast forward to may 2016 and I was yet to get a placement,even though i had  sent out a dozens of applications. now many of my friends had started their housejob,I started to feel really bad,so many promises here and there but none was clicking. I decided it was time to "take it by force" first I went to the hospital management board abuja to make enquiries.

Sir when will the list be out?I don't know we will contact you if you are one of the successful candidates.when will that be sir? Well it can be just as soon as you leave my office or maybe next 2 years. I didn't know if he was trying to be funny or not.I just jejely carried my two sticks out of the office to avoid stories that touch. Then I was introduced to a certain politician who was to help me get recommendation letter that will facilitate my application. He asked me to come see him in his office,I went there and after waiting close to 2 hours for him to show up (as a boss that he is) He finally did and his receptionist ushered me into his office. He  had a picture of his wife and kids framed on his table and a bible.I was relaxed,I knew I was in the right place or so I thought.

He was friendly, talked about his political ambition, why he lost the last election, how he is well connected and what not. After  so many plenty talk dude came out plain that he wanted me to be his girlfriend before I knew it he placed his hand on my thigh I was confused i thought he was a christian,Nawa ooooo. He started talking about how he likes me and will do anything for me, I was angry in my mind I wondered why the hell will I put in the work,graduate and still have to deal with cut the long story short I walked out on him and when he wouldn't stop blowing up my phone I blocked him.
I still kept on applying to different places and praying for favour to locate me.imagine taking an exam with more than 400 people and only 40 people will be selected. I was down for long I stopped picking some calls I didn't know which was more painful,the fact that I was yet to start work or friends and family who will not stop asking me why i haven't started working.

I wasnt having any more of this.I packed my bags and headed to the east,I applied to all the teaching hospitals there finally on the 5th of October the interview list was released And  I was shortlisted but something strange happened.

You will hear all about that in my next post.bcus this is getting too long

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  1. No way!!!... Finish it up naaaa
    Mine was crazy!!

    1. Dear I will in my next post.its really crazy. I will like to hear yours too cheers!

  2. Wow.... That's intense. Can't wait for your next post.