My diary

Hello beautiful people in the cyber world, how are you doing? I hope your day is as bright as mine. Its exactly 12pm and am writing my first blog post on here. Let me take a minute to introduce myself.
My name is Cynthia,am in my twenties,5ft3 inches tall and I love fashion.
I have been touring the country in search of a place to do my compulsory one year house man ship and after 8 months of going back and forth I secured a spot in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country( a post on my travail is on the way).
I will be sharing my journey,everyday experiences and my style on here. Am not an English major so please dont judge me,but I will try to communicate as effectively as I can.
Am excited about this and I hope to get to know you as well.
I will appreciate your contributions as well.Please do leave a comment it will make my day.Connect with me on
Facebook: Cynthia Gates

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Welldone Cynthia. Great job. Decided to re-read everything again from the beginning. I love your writing. Raw talent. Keep it up ❤❤❤