First week experience

Hi lovelies,happy Christ the king to all the catholic faithfuls in the house and happy Sunday to you all. How are you enjoying your weekend? I know I have been MIA for sometime now please I do apologise.

Last week was very hectic for me,I started medicine posting in gastroenterology unit and  work has kept me too busy to blog.

Well,its been fine I was all nerves on the first day,I didn't know what to expect,I hope I make a good impression.
I got introduced to my unit and my boss gave me a 10 mins tour of the wards where i got to meet our patients.
"Follow every step I take "
"Yes chief "
It was like a scene from an episode of Grey's anatomy.

We got to the clinic and  my other boss pointed to a desk across his,
"you can sit there "
"Here, that's your first patient" he said as he handed me a case file.
It went  well and after the first patient I  got relaxed.

 My first call started that same day,it  was filled with drama,I got to write a  death certificate for a deceased patient's relative, gave  iv drugs ,my colleague and i had a major crisis at about 11:30 pm when he ruptured the bag containing the blood we were about to transfuse. We  were just running helter skelter trying to find another blood bag as the patient was just looking at us as if to say "una done buy market today"

Another problem for me is how I tend to get lost most of the time, you see the hospital is quite big the buildings are linked together and  identical, that was how it took me like 30mins trying to find  the medical ward I kept bursting out to unknown places and going round and round. This week my goal is to get used to all the places that concern me.

Pheeewwwww!!!!  But in all,am enjoying the experience,am learning from the best hands and my bosses are super nice and excellent teachers.
My feet has been hurting since Friday I could use a massage right now.
What I have learnt so far
1.medicine is not for the brilliant,but for those with genuine love for humanity who are willing to work hard
2.if you don't like to walk up and down medicine might not be for you,as a house officer prepare for that
3.if you can't do without heels or  artificial nails please don't bother cannot help everybody,do your best and leave the rest for God
5.Whereever you find yourself do the best that you can, it saves you from trouble and gives you peace of mind.

Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced.
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  1. Lol interesting read. I love how it was informative and at the same time entertaining.Great post from a very stylish doctor